The End of the World

This is an attempt to put a sweet and light spin on when the world ends- that what matters is all we have and love right now.

Pocket Full of Possibilities

A song for our rockin' new granddaughter, Willow Bernadette Halloran, Special thanks to Bryna and Michael Halloran for making this production possible.

In the Dark

  Performed in Coon Rapids, IA,with friends John and Sharon Richardson, snd Charlie Nixon. A simple song about the peace and solitude that can be found walking alone on a warm summer night.

About Me

The musician

I'm a singer/ songwriter/ musician living in Ames, Iowa. Instruments I play include guitar, hammered dulcimer, and mandolin. Performances are at eclectic venues throughout the midwest, including wineries, bars, celebrations, and Renaissance festivals.


It's fun to play in different configurations! Over the years I have performed solo or with several bands including The Blue Moon Players (lots of great friends and musicians including my wife Barbi), Stranger Than Fiction, Green Oaks (with Curt Snook and Steve Hurst), and performances with John Richardson.


Folk, Americana, Alt-Country, Trad, Bluegrass, Original - performances don't need to be confined to one genre of music. They should be as original as the audiences for whom I've performed.

She Had Allure

A fishing love song inspired by a trip through Hayward, WI, “The muskie capital of America.”

Remember Me

I wrote this song for a friend’s imminent memorial service.  Performed in Coon Rapids, Iowa

Daniel cover on hammered dulcimer

Here's a cover of the 1973 song by  Sir Elton and Bernie Taupin

As the Crow Flies

   A slightly ominous song about a favorite bird. Thanks to the band ( John, Sharon, and Charlie) for making it a LOT better!

Desperado- Hammered dulcimer cover

This is a stylized version of the Henley and Frey song. I tried a more nuanced pace, and I'm pretty happy with it.

Wayfaring Stranger

A great old, dark gospel tune, on hammered dulcimer.

“Speed of the sound of Loneliness“ by John Prine

here are a few John Prine selections I covered for this website for a while. What an incredible singer/ songwriter.

“Grandpa was a Carpenter“ by John Prine

A beautiful, sentimental character study by John Prine.

“Hello in There“ by John Prine- guitar cover

my acoustic guitar version of Hello in There By John Prine.

“Souvenirs“ by John Prine

This is a favorite- covers a huge emotional landscape with straightforward lyrics and great economy of words.

Contact Me

Better yet, see me in person!

Send a message if you're interested in having me or any of my groups perform at your special event or house concert. Or I can send you info about some upcoming performances. 

Rhythm of the Rain

An old classic performed on hammered dulcimer.

Remember Me

Written for an old friend who was leaving